About Spellbound Bergamascos

When I found Bergamascos and got my first in 2008 I had hoped that I could have a positive impact on the breed in the US.  Bergamascos are relatively new to the US and the numbers and gene pool are relatively small.  I had hoped to contribute a litter or two of healthy, sound, stable puppies.  I believe in using science (health testing) as well as studying pedigrees and evaluating structure and temperament to decide which dogs should be bred.  I also feel we should be transparent with the results of our health testing and breed only the healthiest of dogs in order to preserve the future of this amazing breed.

Our threesome.  Minerva, Remus and Rue

Spellbound Bergamascos is a responsible breeder of Bergamasco Sheepdogs.  We are based in northern California approximately 20 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge.  We raise, show and train, health tested Bergamascos of sound structure, conformation and temperament.  We believe that in a rare breed with a small gene pool selective breeding, health testing and genetic diversity are key.  Welcome to our website!