Zea's Puppies

Zea's Three 2014 Puppies

September 27, 2014 Zea delivered 3 beautiful puppies.  They were sired by Midir dei Lupercali who had been imported from one of the most respected and oldest kennels in Italy, 9 years previously.  What they lacked in numbers the two boys made up for in size.  Monster was 21 ounces at birth and Seal Pup was 16 ounces!  The tiny muffin aka Muffy was 10.5 ounces. As a small litter they were quickly integrated into our family's daily lives.  They played with our cat Apricot and went for rides to visit my mom in an elder care home and played on our small farm!  

Zea's Seven 2016 Pups

Our beautiful and agile Zea girl had her seven puppies!!! She had four girls and three boys.  All weighed between 14 and 15.5 oz. and are doing well and gaining daily!!  She is a very doting mama.  But she wants me with her at all times so I'm not getting much done!!  She was bred to Vento Polskie Kudlacze who was imported from Poland by our friends Jarod and Roni Kump!  He is a gorgeous boy with lovely structure and movement and a delightful disposition. We were approached by a dog handler at a show and were told he could go all the way in the show ring!  If you are interested in adding a puppy to your family do contact us soon! 
I have been counting to seven a lot the past 2 days!! We have two coal black girls and one with white toes and a white Y on her chest. We have one beautiful dark merle girl and two dark merle boys. And one coal black boy with a tiny white spot on his chest.