Muffy loves the water.  

Spellbound's Minerva
aka Muffy

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Muffy is one of our three pups from Zea and Midir. We didn't plan to keep her but we are glad we did!  Muffy loves to ride in the kayak and as our smallest dog she fits the best!  She will fetch a ball till you make her stop!  She has followed in her mom's footsteps as an agility dog and quickly surpassed Zea at trials.  She earned her Masters Agility Standard title and is working toward her Masters Jumpers title.  She jumps at the preferred height of 16" as her flocks would probably knock bars at the regular height she would jump of 20" (her official AKC measured height at her shoulder is 21").  She is very precise and focussed but not fast so a PACH is may not be in our future.  She is a ton of fun to run.  

Agility Muffy