Ninfa aka Nisa

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Nisa loved going to Reed College in Oregon with both of our girls. She had permission to attend most of their classes and was loved by all who met her. 
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Nisa's chosen place to sleep is across our pillows like a big pajama stuffie!  Relaxed (she is actually not similar in disposition to any of our other dogs as “relaxed” is not generally a herding dog attribute!) and calm she went to college with both of my daughters, slept on the floor in the various classrooms and hung out on the lawn with students and the other dogs.  One professor called her his most loyal student.  She is friends with anyone and anything.  She is so easy going we have wondered how smart she is…  but then she does things like bark at the door when all of the comfy chairs are taken and when someone opens the door to let her out she pops up into their chair and curls up.  She may be smarter than all of us.  We added a kitten to the family a few summers ago and as wasn’t her character she leapt toward the kitten whenever he was near, jaws snapping.  I finally figured out that she couldn’t see him and was only doing what she could to check him out.  I cut the hair around her eyes so she could see him and they became best buddies!

Nisa has her own Facebook Page: 
Nisa the Mop

Sadly after 1.5 years of fighting and numerous surgeries our precious girl left us in December 2018 at not quite nine years of age.  She died of adenocarcinoma.  The five of us were there to send her off with the help of my dear friend and vet, Kelley McNair.  She will be with us in spirt where ever we go for always.